Author: Aisha Abdelhamid

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Solar Power For Churches Is Getting Easier & Cheaper

Originally published on Eden Keeper by Aisha Abdelhamid Faith members considering solar power for churches, temples, mosques, and other houses of worship are discovering that installations are getting both easier and cheaper. Since 2009, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), costs for non-residential solar installations have dropped around 73%, from around $7.50 per kilowatt […]

February 9th

Solar Panels In Hawaii — Hawaii Solar Companies, Solar Tax Credit & incentives, Solar Costs …

Originally published on Cost of Solar. Looking at the map, Hawaii appears to be an ideal solar market. Every sun-worshipper on Earth knows the value of a Hawaiian vacation for its fabulous solar insolation. High electricity prices due to the huge costs of importing fossil-fuel-based energy resources make renewables like solar and wind power a […]

October 24th

Is UK Solar Dying Due To Nuclear Subsidies?

Is the UK solar industry dying due to the ramping up of nuclear subsidies in the country? Finally giving the green light to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, the UK Government has ended months of uncertainty surrounding this controversial new project.

October 14th

Spain’s Citizen Petition: Don’t Tax the Sun! ¡NO al impuesto al SOL!

Originally published on In a great show of unified civil disapproval of Spain’s recently proposed “solar tax” law, over 188,000 citizens have signed an online petition against it in less than one week. Penalizing grid-connected solar installations of up to 15kW using battery storage systems, Spain’s new solar tax would be from €8.9 (US$10) […]

July 2nd

SolarCentury Launches “SunStation” Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) Solar System

Homeowners demanding more “curb appeal” for their rooftop solar installations will be interested in the elegant new Solarcentury building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar modules. Sunstation, a new BIPV solar roof system designed with an eye to aesthetics, is now available from Solarcentury and primed for mass marketing with favorable pricing to make it competitive with conventional post-construction […]

July 1st

Is Solar Power Right For Me? “WattPlan” Utilities App Offers Answers

Allowing customers to learn about and explore solar power options at their convenience, a new online application helps utility customers learn the answer to many solar power-related questions, including, “Is solar power right for me?” Newly launched by Clean Power Research, the new “WattPlan” online application engages users with highly personalized answers about solar power […]

June 29th

New York Launches Local Solar Energy Marketplace

Promoting solar adoption in New York State, EnergySage has launched a local solar energy marketplace. Presenting consumers with unbiased facts, the new local solar marketplace will facilitate comparison shopping when researching financing options and installers, and hunting for the lowest price quotes. Consumers using EnergySage local solar marketplace services have been shown to adopt solar […]

June 24th

SunEdison Launches Huge Solar Energy Expansion With Morgan Stanley

Partnering with Morgan Stanley to make tax equity financing available immediately, SunEdison is executing a major launch of an innovative power purchase agreement (PPA) product across seven states. With a newly expanded channel and sales platform, and through the recent acquisition of multiple residential power plants with SunEdison subsidiary TerraForm Power as the long-term asset […]

June 23rd