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Tesla’s Powerwall & Battery Costs Disruption

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently met Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk to discuss the implications of the Tesla Powerwall — the company’s battery energy storage technology — for India. It was a simple official visit, and as per media reports, there was no talk of Tesla setting up manufacturing facilities in India. The company, however, stated earlier that […]

September 29th

Japanese Paper Art Inspired Design Can Increase Solar PV Output By 36%

It is common knowledge that if your solar panels can track the sun, their energy output can increase by as much as 30–40%. In spite of this, only a small number of solar PV installations use trackers. Mostly, the problem is that sun trackers are bulky and can also be costly when it comes to residential […]

September 12th

Russia’s Largest Solar PV Plant Comes Up

Russia’s largest solar plant of 5 MW capacity has come online in Kosh-Agach located at Kosh-Agachsky District of the Altai Republic region. The entire Kosh-Agachsky district has a power demand of 2.7-3.5 MW, the surplus solar power would be sold to neighbouring regions. As per official sources this is the first of five projects with a total capacity of […]

September 17th