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410 GWh Solar Electricity Purchases By Endesa In Spain

Originally published on Sustainnovate. The Spanish utility company Endesa purchased 410 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of solar electricity during a recent solar energy auction for Portugal and Spain, according to recent reports. The solar auction in question ended with a price of €39.6/MWh/megawatt-hour ($43.82). The aforementioned 410 GWh of solar electricity equates to roughly 681 megawatts (MW) […]

March 21st

Home Solar Is Your Local Clean Power Plant

Originally published on Home Solar PV. By Jeff McIntire-Strasburg You can be forgiven for not wanting to live next door to a traditional power plant. They’re big, noisy, and smelly, and even with the most modern of pollution controls, you probably still don’t want your family breathing whatever’s coming out of them. When it comes […]

January 8th

Free Home Solar Installation

Originally published on Home Solar PV. By Jeff McIntire-Strasburg Seen an advertisement recently promoting “free solar installation” or “free solar panels” for your home? Figured it was probably some kind of shady deal with lots of catches involved? Perhaps, and you’re smart to investigate further. But don’t necessarily write those claims off, either: the offer […]

January 8th

Financing Home Solar

Originally published on Home Solar PV. By Jeff McIntire-Strasburg Even though the price of solar panels has dropped over the past few years, a solar energy system for your home will still cost $20,000 – 30,000. Most of us don’t have that kind of money just sitting around: if we do have those kind of […]

January 8th

How To Save Money On Your Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels on your home or business can be an effective way to reduce your fossil-fuel energy footprint, while also reducing your electric bills for decades to come. The investment in clean electricity through solar energy can offer an ROI as good as, or better than, many other conventional investments, but it does require […]

January 2nd

The Future Of PV: Consume All You Capture

By Stu Statman, Vice President of Engineering at Sunverge Energy Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission recently approved two new tariffs to cover future rooftop solar installations, including an option that’s gaining favor with consumers: Solar “Self-Supply.” Also known as “PV self-consumption”, it’s an option where a home consumes all the solar energy produced by its PV system, […]

December 7th

HSBC To Invest $1 Billion In Green Bonds

Some of the leading global banks and financial institutions are making a beeline to expand their presence in the rapidly growing global green bonds market. British banking giant HSBC has announced its pledge to invest $1 billion in green bonds, committing to invest in “high quality liquid assets” through green, social, and sustainability bonds. The […]

November 17th

Do Panasonic & SolarCity Announcements Herald Beginning Of Solar Without Subsidies?

Originally published on The Handleman Post. By Clayton Handleman Not so long ago, Sunpower’s 20+% efficiency modules were seen as high end niche products. Last week SolarCity announced that it had leapfrogged that benchmark with its 22% modules currently rolling off of its 100 MW lines and soon to be rolling off its 1 GW […]

October 12th

Layman’s Guide to the Value of PV Solar

By Cy Yablonsky: Vice President ­ PowerLutions Solar The PV Solar Industry is experiencing explosive growth and many homeowners and business owners are being approached by solar companies to buy or lease a solar system. The purpose of this solar guide is to provide consumers with real numbers and objective information so they will be […]

October 5th