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SolarCity Introduces Unique Solar Customer App

SolarCity last week unveiled a new app that improves the solar customer experience, just for SolarCity customers of course. SolarCity customers can schedule appointments, track SolarCity crews headed to your house, track electricity production from their solar power systems, track their home energy use, as well as interact with the SolarCity community. Members of the Solar […]

December 8th

Solar Trees For Solar-Powered EVs

One of the many wonderful things about the cleantech revolution is that even very mundane, uninteresting things become cool. “Grey infrastructure” becomes “green infrastructure,” and all of a sudden there’s a great deal of life to it. One example is in the field of automobile parking. Parking lots and parking garages aren’t typically places to […]

December 2nd

SunPower Aims To Triple Its Solar Manufacturing Capacity

One of the world’s largest solar cell and solar panel manufacturers, SunPower*, is looking primed to take advantage of continued, massive solar power growth. Recently, SunPower President and CEO Tom Werner noted that he expects the solar industry to be a $5 trillion industry within 20 years. I wouldn’t bet against that. Aiming to take advantage […]

December 2nd

US Solar Policy — #SolarChat Review

A couple weeks ago, I was the “featured journalist” on a massive #SolarChat on Twitter, the biggest yet. Senator Harry Reid joined in, as did the CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Rhone Resch; OFA Climate Change Campaign Manager JackShapiro; Founder of Climate Hawks Vote RL Miller; and Greentech Media Senior Editor Stephen Lacey. The […]

November 29th

Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine, Be Efficient

Solar energy is wonderful, but it’s just on one side of the electricity equation. Our electricity supply needs to be green, but we also need to cut our electricity use a great deal. There is no scenario for adequately tackling global warming and catastrophic climate change that doesn’t involve tremendous improvements in energy efficiency. While […]

November 21st

Renewable Energy In Germany (In Charts)

Germany is arguably the leading renewable energy market in the world. It’s big in wind energy, biomass energy, and of course solar energy. Prof. Dr. Bruno Burger of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE releases charts one a month on the Germany renewable energy market. The following are the latest, released just a few days ago. My […]

November 15th