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Solar Power Tree From India Makes More Energy From Less Space

A solar power tree developed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of India is designed to capture rays from the sun using an innovative vertical arrangement of solar cells. The solar tree uses steel “branches” to hold multiple solar panels high off the ground where they are exposed to more of the sun’s rays. The […]

July 23rd

SunPower Unveils New Solar Products & Low-Key 2016 Guidance

Following in the wake of a respectable Q3 financial earnings report, US solar manufacturer SunPower has revealed a new line of solar panels and low-key financial guidance for 2016. SunPower announced its third quarter earnings late-October, revealing the continuing efforts of its new business focus, that of retaining assets rather than selling them. Specifically, SunPower […]

November 13th

Tandem Solar Cell Achieves Record Efficiency

A new tandem solar cell featuring monolithic perovskite and silicon has produced electricity with record efficiency, reports Helmholz-Berlin. “Teams from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, have been the first to successfully combine a silicon heterojunction solar cell with a perovskite solar cell monolithically into a tandem device.” THZB reports this hybrid tandem […]

November 11th

World’s Most Efficient Silver Paste Exhibited By Heraeus

Reportedly, the most efficient silver paste in the world will be exhibited at the PV Taiwan 2015 conference in Taipei. This paste has been said to have the world record for PERC efficiency, rated at 21.7%. PERC means passivated emitter rear contact, which is part of a different kind of solar cell architecture. The silver paste is made […]

November 3rd

A (Relatively) Gigantic Perovskite Solar Cell Breakthrough

We’ve been spilling a lot of ink over perovskite solar cells recently, and here comes Brown University with yet another breakthrough. Along with researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Brown team has figured out a way to grow larger perovskite solar cells while keeping the conversion efficiency at a fairly high level. (h/t […]

October 9th