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Top 10 Solar Utilities + Top 10 Solar Utilities

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) recently released its latest SEPA Utility Solar Rankings. Of course, there are different ways to rank a utility on its solar merits, so we’re including SEPA’s main two lists/rankings below. First, however, a note from our sponsors…. Our sponsors, in all honesty, are you, common citizens and clean energy advocates. […]

June 13th

Palo Alto Streamlines Residential Solar Permitting Process

Solar permitting, obsessively onerous, is one of the biggest obstacles holding back even faster solar energy growth across the United States. Several studies have identified this, and have identified permitting as one reason why solar power is about twice as expensive in the US as in Germany. So, it’s great to hear that Palo Alto, […]

June 11th

33 MW Of New Solar Power Capacity Installed In US During April

33 MW of new utility-scale solar energy capacity were installed in the United States during the month of April. This total includes 17 MW from the first phase of the Yuma Foothills Solar Power Plant, 5 MW from the Celina Solar project I in Ohio, and 4.2 MW from two projects in California, among others. […]

May 29th

German & Chinese Leaders Pledge To End Solar Trade Dispute

Update: Provisional duties on solar imports have been overwhelmingly voted down, but the 47% duties may still move forward. Will we finally see the end of the Chinese solar trade soap opera? Maybe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese premier Li Keqiang this week called for an end to the EU-China portion of the Chinese solar […]

May 28th

4 Solar Stocks Surging More Than SolarCity

I don’t follow stocks much, but my interest in cleantech stocks has been growing since I’ve been covering this sector for years. I recently ran across a couple of interesting posts on solar stocks that I thought were worth a share. First, Solar Power World’s Frank Andorka recently conducted a very interesting interview with Peter […]

May 28th

California Grid To Add Almost 100% Solar Power In 2H 2013

Herman Trabish of Greentech Media has happened across a pretty interesting find — 97% of new electricity generation capacity in line to be added to the California grid in the second half (2H) of 2012 is from solar power projects. This is according to the California Independent System Operator (the ISO), as published in the 2012 Annual Report on […]

May 23rd

Sharp Regains Solar Cell Efficiency Record

Sharp has a long string of solar cell efficiency records. And it has just extended that string a little further. In 2009, Sharp landed a 35.8% triple-junction, non-concentrator solar cell efficiency record. It then went on to break that record a couple more times — with others breaking it as well. Up until recently, that […]

May 4th

PV Sector Did Not Increase 2012 Tariff Deficit In Spain

A report issued by Spain’s National Energy Commission (CNE) has found that the PV sector did not contribute to the increase in the country’s power tariff deficit in 2012. The annual report was issued on April 18. It analyzed the massive power tariff deficit seen in  Spain’s electricity sector in 2012. Spain’s cumulative tariff deficit has risen to €35.6 […]

May 4th