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Germany’s Latest Solar Power Record

Last Sunday, Germany solar power set a world solar record for electricity produced from solar PV systems. The country’s 1.3–1.4 million solar PV systems put out 23.9 GW of power just before 2:00pm, according to SMA Solar Technology’s live solar power tracking tool. Moments after the record was set, I snapped this screenshot of the […]

July 13th

Solar Car That Seats 4

If you’re unfamiliar with the World Solar Challenge, it’s an event where universities and research institutes create solar cars and race them 3000 kilometers (1864 miles) across the hot, dry landscape of Australia. Pretty cool. This year, Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is doing something a bit different than normal, as it […]

July 6th

Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts

Need some solar energy facts or solar power facts? This page is aimed at becoming the best go-to source on the web for solar facts… if it isn’t already. The solar facts below are succinct and organized by categories and subcategories. To help improve the page, please feel free to add any solar facts you […]

June 29th

250 MW Unsubsidized Solar Energy Project Being Developed In Spain

A completely unsubsidized 250 MW solar energy project is currently being developed in the north-western region of Cádiz, Spain — near the town of Trebujena. The Spain-based solar energy company Tentusol is behind the very large project, which will eventually cover an area of around 800 hectares.

June 28th

Italian Solar Energy Feed-In Tariff Payments Ceasing On July 6

Italy’s feed-in tariff program for solar energy will be ceasing on July 6 — a month after having reached the country’s solar energy subsidy limit of €6.7 billion. The ceasing of the program will make Italy the third member of the European Union to completely end its incentive programs for solar energy development.

June 27th

Solar Permitting Site Gets More Data, New Features

Update: I just received a note from Clean Power Finance (CPF) that corrects and clarifies some important points I was not previously aware of. Here’s the full note from CPF: We are working jointly with ProjectPermit.org, as they are pulling a subset of our data to do their rankings. The same data that is found […]

June 24th

How Does Solar Energy Work? How Solar Power Works TED Talk

We’ve already published some excellent, detailed articles on the basics of solar power and how solar cells work here on Solar Love. Those were written for us by an engineer studying solar energy in a master’s degree renewable energy program. But they were somewhat technical, and you still might be asking, “How does solar energy work?” […]

June 24th

EnergySage — A Closer Look At “The Expedia Of Solar”

In February, EnergySage, which has adopted the title of “the Expedia of solar power,” publicly launched its online comparison solar shopping site. I wrote a quick rundown of the website at the time. Luckily, not long after that, I got the chance to walk through the site and how it works with a member of EnergySage’s […]

June 21st

Yingli Developing 3 GW Of Solar Power Plants For China

3 GW of new solar photovoltaic power plants are now in the works in the Yunnan province of Southern China — thanks to an agreement between solar manufacturing giant Yingli, the Qujing city government, and the Honghe state government. During the recent announcement of the project, Yingli noted that the region possesses excellent potential for […]

June 17th