Solar Modules

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Canadian Solar Enters Into Long-Term Supply Contract With Vivint Solar

Canadian solar PV manufacturer Canadian Solar has entered into a long-term product supply agreement with American solar energy company Vivint Solar. Canadian Solar is one of the world’s leading solar power companies, and despite recent slips in shipping numbers, the company was one of those that won out in the recent Brazil solar power auction. Announced Thursday, […]

September 12th

SolarCity’s Shockingly High MyPower Prices

There’s no doubt about it — SolarCity is king of the hill in the US rooftop solar market. A lot of people are inclined to “hate on the king,” especially those who might be competing with him. For a long time, we’ve had commenters complain about SolarCity, saying that it fleeces customers and is a […]

September 6th

REC Now #3 In US Residential Solar Market

The Norwegian company REC Group is now the third-biggest solar photovoltaic (PV) module supplier in the US residential market, according to recent reports. This follows a 5-fold increase in market share over the last year — following the imposition in the US of duties on Chinese solar PV providers. The company is reportedly expecting that […]

September 6th

Southern Company Acquires Controlling Interest In 300 MW Desert Stateline Solar Project

Southern Power announced Wednesday that it had acquired controlling interest in the 300 MW Desert Stateline solar project in California. The news comes less than a week after Southern Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, took controlling interest from Canadian Solar in the 200 MW Tranquillity Solar Power Project. Southern Power now takes controlling interest in one […]

September 4th

SolarCity Silevo Solar Module Aim: 50¢/Watt, 24% Efficiency

SolarCity’s goals for the Silevo solar module manufacturing facility under development in Buffalo, New York, are certainly not unambitious ones — based on the company’s recent SEC filing detailing the achievements needed via its performance-based compensation plan to vest tranches of shares. Amongst these achievements, is the meeting of production costs of just 50¢/watt for […]

August 30th

Largest Solar PV Manufacturing Facility In Brazil Now Up

The 180-megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing facility in Valinhos, São Paulo — now the largest such facility in the whole of Brazil — was recently inaugurated in a service put on by Globo Brazil. With the completion of the quite large PV manufacturing facility, the country’s domestic solar PV project market should get a boost. With […]

August 30th

New Bifacial Solar Module Coming From Silfab Solar

The Canadian company Silfab Solar is reportedly now aiming to add 50 new jobs in 2016, bringing the number of employees added in 2015–2016 up to 80, according to recent reports. In addition to the decision to add a further 50 employees, the company also reportedly has revealed that it intends to begin offering a […]

August 30th