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GTM’s Shayle Kann Predicts Future Of US Solar

Shayle Kann, the director of GTM Research, is predicting the US solar industry to continue on its impressive growth streak, and to play a “meaningful role” in the future of electricity in the US. The former Fullbright scholar, who now directs GTM Research, the market analysis, advisory and consulting division of Greentech Media, is behind the […]

November 10th

10-Fold Energy Density Increase In Solar Thermal Research

Researchers at Oregon State University are experimenting with ways to generate electricity using thermal solar materials. They are working with a process that changes strontium carbonate into strontium oxide and carbon dioxide. The strontium carbonate decomposes, but when the materials recompose they release stored heat. “In these types of systems, energy efficiency is closely related to […]

November 4th

Department Of Energy Updates Report On Utility Scale Solar

This 2014 report from the US Department of Energy provides an empirical analysis of project cost, performance, and pricing trends in the United States. It should be pointed out other utility scale solar projects are also being launched elsewhere in the world. This introductory text, authored by Mark Bolinger and Joachim Seel from the Lawrence […]

November 4th

Perovskite Solar Cells Rule, Clean Power Plan Lawsuits Drool

We were just talking about the accelerated pace of R&D for perovskite solar cells, and along comes the University of California, Los Angeles, with another contribution to the perovskite pot. Put that in the context of the lawsuits sprouting up against President Obama’s new Clean Power Plan, and you have yet another instance of the […]

November 2nd

SolarCity MyPower Loan — You Need To Understand The Fine Print

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about SolarCity’s “shockingly high MyPower prices” compared to competitors’ prices. The article was based off of an analysis by Pick My Solar. There’s a Part 2 to the story, though. Unfortunately, it’s no prettier. Let me reiterate that I’m long SCTY (which is difficult this week), […]

October 31st

Hot-Carrier Perovskite Solar Cells Could Bounce to 66% Efficiency

Perovskite solar cells have been getting a lot of attention for their potential to reach new heights of efficiency and new lows of cost. In the latest development, our friends over at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have revealed a critical “bottleneck” in perovskite solar conversion that has huge implications for third-generation, super-efficient, hot-carrier solar […]

October 30th

US Residential & Small-Scale Commercial Solar Averages Installation Costs Of $3.79/W

New figures from EnergySage show that solar installation costs in the US for the first half of 2015 averaged around $3.79 per watt. This is one of the primary conclusions from EnergySage’s new 2H 2014-1H 2015 EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report, published this week, and focused on investigating the residential and small-scale commercial solar market. EnergySage bills the […]

October 14th