The European energy storage company Sonnen is partnering with the US companies SolarWorld and PetersenDean as part of its push into the American market, according to recent reports.

In addition to the partnership with the US-based solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer, and with the residential roofing company, Sonnen will also be working with the residential solar + efficiency financing company Spruce — in order to create new financing options for potential energy storage system buyers.


The product offering via the partnership is an all-in-one solar PV + energy storage system that allows customers to potentially save on electricity costs, as well as gain access to backup power — or, alternately, to go off the grid.

“Finding the right partners is the key to creating innovative products and cost-effectively delivering clean energy technology to the market,” stated Boris von Bormann, CEO of Sonnen. “We are very pleased to have best-in-class partners like SolarWorld, PetersenDean, and Spruce, which recognize the immense importance of increasing the availability and adoption of renewable energy in the US.”

Solar Power World Online provides more:

Erin Clark, president of PetersenDean’s fast-growing solar division, said sonnenBatteries fit well within the company’s Solar4America campaign, which taps American products and labor in spreading solar across the nation’s rooftops. “They’re right in our swim lane,” Clark said. “We are all resolved to offer complete solar solutions that include and promote the arrival of storage. We, SolarWorld and sonnen are all best-in-class operators and employers right here on US soil.”

Another key to truly expanding the residential solar-plus-storage customer market is attractive financing. Spruce, an expert in residential solar and efficiency financing, recently evaluated the sonnenBatterie products and added sonnen to its approved manufacturer list. The two companies are developing financing purely focused on residential electricity storage, and plan to make it available to sonnen’s channel partners in the first quarter of 2016.

The company has also decided to open a new office in Los Angeles — building on an R&D facility in Georgia and manufacturing facilities in California.