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What If…Your Electric Utility Was A Benefit Corporation?

Originally published at This article was originally written by former ILSR Research Associate, Matt Grimley. The misunderstandings that from time to time occur between communities and the managers of electric-lighting companies will, to my mind, disappear entirely if the relations between the two are correctly founded on the basis of public control, with corresponding […]

February 16th

California Weighs Fair Pricing For Distributed, Centralized Energy

Originally published on This article was published with the substantial assistance from ILSR intern McKenna Eckerline. Everyone hates paying for something that they don’t use (how many cable channels do you have?). In California, local electricity customers may finally get satisfaction about paying for the transmission grid capacity that they don’t use. At issue is an […]

February 14th

The Great Energy Disruption

Originally published on CleanTechnica by George Harvey Nearly 10 months ago, Tony Seba, author of the 2014 book Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, posted a video on YouTube, “CleanDisruption.” In both, he projected that a nearly complete disruption of the energy business would begin in 2020 and be well underway by 2022, the year he […]

February 14th

Competition & Freedom At Stake — Episode 37 Of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Originally published at by John Farrell Incentives designed to make rooftop solar feasible for a wider range of consumers are under attack nationwide, threatening new solar development as well as the consumers that already have rooftop panels. The staunchest opponents? Utilities which say, despite a growing body of research to the contrary, that rooftop […]

February 12th

Go Solar, New York – It’s The Right Time

From the Big Apple to Niagara Falls, people love New York. Today, New Yorkers can get some love back from the state and save money by going solar. They can lessen their reliance on fossil fuels and save for many years to come. New York is turning into a solar-powered state, with powerful incentives making […]

June 6th

Upcoming Energy Storage Event To Focus On Commercialization

As one of the leading markets for energy storage, the US is a great fit for hosting an event focusing solely on the commercialization of this element of our energy future, and next month’s two-day event in San Diego promises to bring together some of the top influencers for that purpose. 2016 Energy Storage Update […]

May 6th