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BlueWave Announces $100 Million In Funding For Community Solar

Solar development company BlueWave announced it has secured $100 million from Morgan Stanley to develop more than 25 MW of community solar in Massachusetts. MS Solar Solutions Corp., a Morgan Stanley subsidiary, will co-invest and own the community solar portfolio with BlueWave. “A core element of BlueWave’s mission is to provide all energy consumers the opportunity to go […]

January 8th

Community Energy Programs Presented At Paris Climate Change Conference

At the Paris climate change talks, one presentation by a group of American officials raised awareness about the benefits of community energy programs. The group’s members were: Shawn Marshall, Lean Energy US Cliff Rechtschaffen, Office of California Governor Jerry Brown Dawn Weisz, CEO, Marin Clean Energy (MCE) Tom Butt, Mayor, City of Richmond, California. One of the […]

January 5th

Sungrow Invests $939 Million In 600 MW Solar Power Projects

Sungrow is the largest inverter manufacturer in China and the company is now expanding into the solar power development business. An agreement was recently signed between eastern China’s Chaohu government for the development of 600 MW of PV solar plants. (Note that Chaohu is a city with a population of about 859,000.) The goal is to have all 600 […]

December 22nd

£3 Million Or More Raised For UK Community Renewable Energy Projects

Mongoose Energy is located in Bristol, England and helps renewable energy installations get developed, funded, and constructed. In November, BusinessGreen reported that £3 million had been raised by Mongoose for community renewable energy projects. However, on its own site Mongoose wrote that the amount it raised was £4.810 million and that a record £7.825 million had been raised by […]

December 18th

First 75 MW Of California Utility’s Energy Storage Announced

PG&E is a utility operating in Northern California that serves 15–16 million people. It recently announced contracts for 75 MW of energy storage projects employing lithium-ion batteries, zinc/air batteries, and flywheel technology. The lithium-ion batteries are for 42 MW, the flywheel tech is for 20 MW, and the zinc/air batteries for 13 MW. The energy storage projects that […]

December 10th