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Author: Steve Hanley

Published: March 26, 2017
The US Energy Department announced new updates to its PV System Toolkit, a package designed to lower the cost of
Published: March 19, 2017
The first solar farm on tribal land in the US has been activated. The project covers 2.2 square miles and
Published: March 18, 2017
Google's new Project Sunroof tool says 80% of all rooftops in the US are good candidates for rooftop solar systems.
Published: March 16, 2017
Solar power may be able to create hydrogen from biomass at room temperature, which may open the door to a
Published: March 15, 2017
Elon Musk tweeted last week that he could install a 100 mWh grid storage system for South Australia in less
Published: March 13, 2017
The River Bend solar farm in Alabama is now online and contributing about 75 megawatts of electricity to the TVA
Published: March 11, 2017
Public shools in England and Wales will see taxes on their rooftop solar systems increase 800% in April as the
Published: March 9, 2017
Ibiden, one of Apple's largest suppliers, intends to add 20 renewable solar power facilities to power its Japanese operations, including
Published: March 8, 2017
A food production coop in southern Lebanon composed of 23 women has installed 12 solar panels with a combined power
Published: March 8, 2017
Tesla is now supplying electricity to the island of Kauai under an agreement with the local utility company. That means
Published: March 6, 2017
Published: March 5, 2017
Wanting to save the world is a laudable goal, but economics is where the case for solar power and other