Community Solar

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6 Principles For Distributed Solar Power

VoteSolar has produced a tip sheet on principles for distributed solar generation policies and rates. On the surface of it, this type of information might not seem all that appealing to the average consumer, but it is actually quite important because distributed solar allows consumers more freedom of choice. Freedom of choice generally gets consumer […]

October 7th

Solar Sunflower Made By IBM Can Power Several Homes

Solar power is going through a major transition now due to much lower costs. Because attention has been focused on the greater affordability, perhaps there has been less emphasis on the fact that solar technology continues to advance. IBM and Airlight Energy have partnered to create a solar sunflower for sale in 2017. It can […]

September 29th

Heart-Shaped Solar Plant In New Caledonia By Conergy

The UN climate talks were held last week in New York City, and Conergy announced during the event a one-of-a-kind solar power plant that it was building in the French overseas territory of New Caledonia. The style and shape of the solar power plant is that of a heart. The warm, eye-catching, heart-shaped solar power plant […]

September 29th

GRID Alternatives Launches Mid-Atlantic Expansion

At its recent Mid-Atlantic launch event, GRID Alternatives unveiled that it had donated solar panels to 10 Habitat for Humanity homes in Washington, DC’s Ivy City neighborhood. The panels will greatly reduce monthly utility bills, green up the neighborhood, and increase job opportunities. SunEdison, a global solar technology manufacturer and provider of solar energy services, actually announced the […]

September 29th

Solar Carports Market Likely To Expand

Talking about solar carports might elicit skepticism from some and yawns from others, but they make sense for a number of reasons. To start with, parking in shade can reduce evaporative emissions, meaning that a hot gas tank may result in more evaporation of fuel. The amount that evaporates is not that much, but over a long period […]

August 29th

Sunpower CEO Says Grid Independence Is Naive

Tom Werner, Sunpower CEO, has made some comments recently about the potential for home owners to go off the grid. He doesn’t seem to have much regard for the notion. Let’s look at some of his statements. ”I’d go further and say that grid independence is naïve. That’s not going to happen in the foreseeable […]

August 22nd

“Fracking Village” Going Solar

A website titled Back Balcombe writes: “Last summer, a company called Cuadrilla came to drill for oil and gas. It did not go well. So the village did what villages do best: they held a public meeting.” But this meeting resulted in more than complaining. It was one of countless such meetings across the world that led […]

May 4th

Kansas Getting Its 1st Community Solar Power Plant

A customer-owned utility, Midwest Energy, has teamed up with a community solar developer, Clean Energy Collective (CEC), to build the first community solar power plant in Kansas. Ownership of the 1-megawatt solar power plant will be available to Midwest Energy’s ~50,000 members. The power plant will be the largest solar power plant in Kansas and will be […]

April 8th

Crowdfinancing Solar Loans In Connecticut — 21st Century, We’re Hear!

Mosaic (formerly “Solar Mosaic”) has taken another step towards facilitation of a crowdfinanced rooftop revolution. In coordination with the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (“Connecticut’s green bank”) and Sungage Financial, (“a platform that enables homeowners to efficiently apply, qualify, and contract for solar financing”), Mosaic is enabling up to $5 million of crowdsourced solar loans. However, all the credit […]

February 7th