Going Solar

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California Shared Renewables Bills Move Forward

A lot of people can go solar today and get a very good return on their investment, while also feeling great that they are doing something to help protect our climate, air, and water. However, many people cannot. Have a roof covered by trees? Rent your home? Live in an apartment building? You know what […]

May 3rd

Hawaii Solar Power Infographic

Hawaii is just about the only place in the US that relies on oil for electricity. And because it does, it’s electricity is tremendously more expensive than in most of the US (as you’ll see in the infographic below). Combine that with Hawaii’s wonderful sunshine and the increasingly low price of solar power, and you […]

April 24th

Shea Homes & SolarCity Celebrate 1,000th SheaXero No Electric Bill™ Home

SolarCity & Trilogy/Shea Homes have teamed up to offer “No Electric Bill Homes” — SheaXero homes — for eco-conscious and energy-conscious consumers in 5 states. The partnership is celebrating the 1000th SheaXero home this Earth Day. A press release on the news notes: “in just over a year, SheaXero has reached 1,000 sales in Trilogy communities in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada […]

April 20th

Better ROI For Low-Income Families That Go Solar In Belgium

Something you hear over and over again is that solar power is primarily for the wealthy. While it is actually increasingly for the middle class, thanks to falling solar power costs, there’s no avoiding the fact that it is substantially harder for low-income families to go solar. However, a region of Belgium has decided to […]

April 16th

Solar Power Better Investment Than Buying A Car, Homeowners Say

There’s a funny thing about the way we often discuss solar power compared to other household goods. We don’t often refer to cars as “investments.” We also don’t tend to do so with TVs, game consoles, refrigerators, ovens, etc. Granted, when we’re very attentive to energy efficiency, we may do so with some electronics and […]

April 8th

Elon Musk Talking Solar, SolarCity, Electric Vehicles, Tesla Model S, Space X, Reusable Rockets… (TED Video)

Here’s Elon Musk at a February 2013 TED Talk discussing electric vehicles, the groundbreaking Tesla Model S, electric vehicle charging stations, solar power, SolarCity, SpaceX, reusable rockets, “the physics approach,” and negative feedback: I’m actually not adding commentary because I think it’s a great talk that really just deserves a watch. h/t TreeHugger Reposted from […]

March 26th

SolarAid Sees 600% Increase In Sales

UK-based SolarAid is one of many companies and charities making big inroads into developing countries in order to deliver clean power and light to those without it. One of the stories of the century, in my opinion, is going to be the electricity leapfrogging of those in the developing world. Instead of health-destroying, climate-destroying, centralized […]

March 10th