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SunPower Misses Q4 Earnings & Reports Net Loss, Investors Remain Confident

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Joshua S Hill The number two US solar PV manufacturer SunPower reported its earnings for the fourth quarter and full year 2016 this week, reporting a larger net loss than expected, and missing analyst expectations for revenue. It’s been a rocky few quarters for SunPower, America’s second solar PV manufacturer. […]

February 19th

US Governors Call On Donald Trump To Back Wind & Solar

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Joshua S Hill A group of governors from across the United States and from both sides of the political divide have penned an open letter to Donald Trump calling on the newly-elected President to support the development of solar and wind energy. The open letter was penned by the Governors’ […]

February 16th

India Officially Doubles Its Solar Parks Target To 40 Gigawatts

Originally published on CleanTechies. The Indian government has confirmed that it will go ahead with a second phase of its solar power park program. The announcement was made by the Minister of Finance in the union budget speech for financial year 2017-18. India will increase the planned capacity addition under its solar power park program […]

February 16th

What If…Your Electric Utility Was A Benefit Corporation?

Originally published at ilsr.org. This article was originally written by former ILSR Research Associate, Matt Grimley. The misunderstandings that from time to time occur between communities and the managers of electric-lighting companies will, to my mind, disappear entirely if the relations between the two are correctly founded on the basis of public control, with corresponding […]

February 16th

Indian State Considers 100 Megawatt Floating Solar Project

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Saurabh Mahapatra Yet another floating solar power project is under consideration in India. According to media reports, the state government of Andhra Pradesh is considering setting up a floating solar project of 100 megawatts of capacity. The project could come up at Penna Ahobilam Balancing Reservoir which has a live […]

February 16th

A Surprisingly Strong Year For Solar In Australia

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Joshua S Hill Despite initial assumptions that 2016 would be a poor year for solar development in Australia, new research from an Australian solar consultancy highlights several trends which show 2016 was nevertheless a record-breaking year for solar. SunWiz, an Australian solar consultancy, published its 2016 Year In Review report this […]

February 16th

Sunny Days Ahead For Solar Energy If “Historic” Job-Creating Pace Endures

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Tina Casey Solar energy jobs are booming, according to the non-profit Solar Foundation. The organization’s annual National Solar Jobs Census for 2016 showed that the solar industry’s contribution to the national employment picture is significant, adding up to one out of every 50 new jobs created last year. That kind […]

February 14th

Panasonic Hits 2 Decade Milestone For Solar HIT Modules

Originally published on CleanTechnica by James Ayre Panasonic’s solar photovoltaic HIT module production tech will pass the 20-year milestone this year, according to an email Panasonic sent to CleanTechnica. The company first debuted its patented, high-efficiency photovoltaic module back in 1997 and has since produced more than 18 million HIT modules. These solar photovoltaic modules make […]

February 14th

Energy Dept. To President Donald Trump: I’m Not Dead Yet!

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Tina Casey If you gotta go, you might as well go out with a bang. That seems to be the message from the US Department of Energy to the Trump Administration. In a smack to the face of Trump’s campaign promise to bring coal job back, the agency has just […]

February 14th

Competition & Freedom At Stake — Episode 37 Of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Originally published at ilsr.org by John Farrell Incentives designed to make rooftop solar feasible for a wider range of consumers are under attack nationwide, threatening new solar development as well as the consumers that already have rooftop panels. The staunchest opponents? Utilities which say, despite a growing body of research to the contrary, that rooftop […]

February 12th