Solar Modules

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10 Top Solar Module Manufacturers In 2012 (IHS Report)

Market research firm IHS has released a report on the top solar module manufacturers of 2012. Regular readers may think this sounds familiar. If so, it’s probably because you’re remembering the Solarbuzz report on the top solar module manufacturers of 2012 that we reported on in March. For the most part, the IHS report agrees with […]

April 13th

Warren Buffet To Buy Suntech?

Suntech was the world leader in solar module sales for awhile. It ran into a few bumps, and in the harsh, highly competitive solar module market of today, that led to its recent collapse and bankruptcy. However, clearly, the company still has a lot of assets and value (even if they’re hidden under a thick […]

April 12th

Peel-and-Stick Thin Film Solar Cells

Thanks to intelligence and academic investigation, solar may soon get more convenient and more easily accessible for application and use. Collaboration is important to achieving the massive generation of renewable energy that we need. And such collaboration has helped the development of peel-and-stick solar cells. A new Si wafer has been developed that can be […]

April 10th

Innotech Solar Set To Increase Module Production Capacity To 100 MW

Business has been good for a Scandinavian-Germana solar module manufacturer, Innotech Solar (ITS). It’s been so good that the company is planning to do something almost no other solar module manufacturers are doing right now — step up module production. It’s looking to increase its production capacity from 60 MW to 100 MW in the near future, with […]

March 30th

SunPower Tops Solar Module Yield Test (Ranks #1, #2, And #3)

US-based solar module company SunPower has apparently taken the first, second, and third spot in PHOTON International’s 2012 solar module yield test. PV-Tech writes: The company’s SPR-327NE-WHT-D module came in first place with an annual yield of 1,144.1kWh per kW. The performance ratio estimates 95.2% according to a theoretical approach of 1,202 kWh per kW output. […]

March 26th

First Solar — #1 Solar Developer, #2 Solar Module Manufacturer

US-based First Solar seems to have done a pretty good job naming itself. It is the #1 solar developer in the world (based on March 2013 data), the #1 solar EPC contractor in the world (same data source), and the #2 solar module manufacturer in the world (based on 2012 figures). Furthermore, regarding that third […]

March 22nd

Renewable Energy Sector Launches Action Alliance

From the new Action Alliance for Communication in the Renewable Energy Sector: On 8 March, around 100 representatives of the renewable energy sector, from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, have joined forces to form an action alliance. Made up of operators, research institutes, universities, journalists, communication agencies, companies and associations, this group aims to […]

March 20th

Innovative PV & CSP Projects Have Funding Boost Opportunity

Reposted from EPIA (image added): SOLAR-ERA.NET, a European network of more than 20 RTD and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity technologies, has announced its first set of calls for proposals for funding of PV and CSP. The overall public funding budget for both PV and CSP is €12 million. Published on 6 March […]

March 20th