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  • Hanergy Opens 60 Stores In China To Sell Thin-Film Solar Panels

    Solar energy is becoming big business in the United States, but over in China its an even more massive industry with a multitude of players. Solar power is reaching such a saturation point in fact, that thin-film solar producer Hanergy has just opened 60 retail stores across China selling not just PV roof systems, but […]

  • Thin Film PV Market Looks To Grow The Most In 100 GW Solar Market

    Thin film photovoltaics (PV) will become the technology preference in the 100 GW solar market, says one manufacturer. Founder of Manz AG, Dieter Manz, told PV Tech recently that bigger production scales, along with advancement of global solar markets, will make thin-film PV markets ready for prime time. Manz also suggests his company’s backing of copper indium gallium […]

  • Largest Solar Plant In The World Is Now Operating

    Did you hear about the largest solar power plant in the world and how it is now producing electricity? Did it make the nightly broadcast news? Probably not, but Solyndra was all over the news media for a while. There’s a blatant lack of coverage for solar success stories, so it wouldn’t be surprising if […]

  • Solar Power In One Hour?

    When you think about solar power systems installed on home rooftops, it might seem like a process that would take days, if not weeks. Well, it often is. However, a home solar system in Massachusetts was recently installed in about one hour. (It was also done on a cold day, which might make installation slower.) […]

  • First Solar Makes World’s Most Efficient Thin-Film Solar PV Cell, Again

    First Solar, the world’s largest manufacturer of thin-film solar photovoltaic cells and modules, has bettered its record of producing the most efficient solar cell. The US-based company recently announced that a cell manufactured at its Ohio manufacturing factory and research & development center achieved an efficiency of 21%, the highest on record by a non-concentrating […]

  • Thin-Silicon Solar Startup Solexel Gets $31 Million

    Milpitas, California-based thin-silicon solar company Solexel has obtained a round D funding of $31 million. The company now has secured just over $200 million in venture capital funding. The latest round is for helping it go into commercial production. The official press release says, “Investors in Solexel include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Technology Partners, […]

  • Tandem-Junction a-Si Thin-Film Solar Cell Production Begins In Russia

    Trial production of tandem-junction a-Si thin-film solar cell modules recently began at Hevel Solar’s new production plant in Russia. The turnkey plant was supplied by Oerlikon Solar. The company is reportedly currently aiming to ramp up production sometime later in the year — with the goal of meeting previously made supply deals for a number […]

  • Top Solar Module Manufacturers of 2013

    Top Solar Module Manufacturers of 2013

    The top 15 solar PV module manufacturers of 2013 have been revealed thanks to a new report from the market research firm IHS. As many would no doubt guess, the list is dominated — yet again — by firms based in China. But, interestingly, the Japanese firms Sharp and Kyocera saw a bit of a […]

  • First Solar Reports 89% Surge In First-Quarter Net Profit

    First Solar is continuing to do quite well, based on the most recent numbers released by the Arizona-based thin-film module manufacturer. An 89% boost (to $112 million dollars) in net profit as compared to the previous year, and a 26% year-on-year increase in net sales (up to $950.2 million dollars) ain’t too shabby. The company […]

  • First Solar & Moapa Paiute Tribe Break Ground On 250 MW Solar Project

    First Solar & Moapa Paiute Tribe Break Ground On 250 MW Solar Project

    Enjoy the beautiful line of diversity and the faces of happy folks breaking ground on the 250 MW Solar Project of the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project. Community, government, and energy industry leaders symbolically joined on March 21st to actively commemorate the start of construction for the project. “Today’s event marks a very important milestone […]