Thin Film Solar

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Solar Frontier Breaks CZTS Solar Cell Efficiency Record

Solar Frontier, a Japan-based thin-film solar technology company, has reportedly broken the CZTS solar cell efficiency record, in partnership with IBM and TOK. The efficiency record was set on a solar cell 0.42 square centimeters in size. The new record is 12.6% efficiency. The previous record of 11.1% was held by IBM, Solar Frontier, and partners, so that’s quite a […]

December 18th

First Solar Reports Thin-Film Solar Cost Drop Better Than Seen Since 2007

Thin-film solar market leader First Solar recently reported its largest quarterly decline in CdTe module costs per-watt since 2007, as part of its third quarter 2013 financial results report. The notable decline represents a significant milestone in the company’s goal of becoming the lowest-cost PV manufacturer in the industry. First Solar attributes the achievement to […]

November 6th

CIGS Solar Cell Efficiency Record Set — 20.8%

The Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) has announced that it has set a new copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film solar cell efficiency record. The 20.8% record beats ZSW’s own previous record of 20.3% as well as the 20.4% multicrystalline PV cell record — the first time that thin-film solar cell efficiency has surpass multicrystalline […]

October 29th

First Solar Buys 250 MW Moapa Solar Project

First Solar continues to expand as the largest solar company in the world. First Solar today announced that it has bought the 250 MW Moapa Solar Project from K Road Power Holdings LLC. The Moapa Solar Project — located on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Clark County, northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada — is not complete but is in an advanced […]

September 26th

Apple To Delve Into Solar-Powered Devices?

Apple recently posted a job announcement for a thin films engineer for its mobile devices division, making some people think that the mobile giant might be looking to develop some solar-powered devices. Surely, if the price is right, extending the life of a person’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch would be very positively received by consumers. […]

September 22nd

First Solar Set To Install 1.1 GW Of Solar In 2013!

First Solar has plowed through the solar business difficulties of the past few years. And it is looking to push through strong to the other side. As one checkpoint along the way, it looks like First Solar is set to be to first solar developer to install over 1 GW (1,000 MW) of solar power […]

August 19th

Denver Broncos Sign Solar Agreement with Ascent Solar

Yep, the the NFL’s quite successful Denver Broncos have just signed an agreement with Ascent Solar, which produces thin-film, flexible solar modules (like used on the tent below). Ascent Solar’s flexible solar technology is also what’s used on a lot of solar smartphone chargers: The thing is, while flexible solar technology is pretty cool, and […]

August 5th

Which Solar Panels Are Most Efficient?

Updated several times, last time being March 21, 2015, in order to update the efficiency records. Reposted from Cost of Solar: One of the most common things people ask when they start to consider going solar or start to plan their life-changing solar expedition is which are the most efficient solar panels. However, first of […]

July 18th

Top Solar Power Companies…

Want to know which are the top solar power companies in the US, or in the world? For a thorough look at solar power companies leading various solar power markets and holding various solar power records, check out our Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts page. However, for a look simply at the top solar module manufacturers […]

July 13th