Thin Film Solar

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Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts

Need some solar energy facts or solar power facts? This page is aimed at becoming the best go-to source on the web for solar facts… if it isn’t already. The solar facts below are succinct and organized by categories and subcategories. To help improve the page, please feel free to add any solar facts you […]

June 29th

Current Solar Module Efficiency Nowhere Near Its Potential, Especially Thin-Film Solar & CPV (Chart)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Director Dan Arvizu recently gave a keynote speech during the 2013 International Renewable Energy Conference (part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week), which I was lucky enough to attend in January*. His speech covered a large variety of cleantech topics, and most of the points I’ve covered extensively over the years. However, a couple of his […]

May 8th

First Solar — #1 Solar Developer, #2 Solar Module Manufacturer

US-based First Solar seems to have done a pretty good job naming itself. It is the #1 solar developer in the world (based on March 2013 data), the #1 solar EPC contractor in the world (same data source), and the #2 solar module manufacturer in the world (based on 2012 figures). Furthermore, regarding that third […]

March 22nd

Renewable Energy Sector Launches Action Alliance

From the new Action Alliance for Communication in the Renewable Energy Sector: On 8 March, around 100 representatives of the renewable energy sector, from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, have joined forces to form an action alliance. Made up of operators, research institutes, universities, journalists, communication agencies, companies and associations, this group aims to […]

March 20th

Innovative PV & CSP Projects Have Funding Boost Opportunity

Reposted from EPIA (image added): SOLAR-ERA.NET, a European network of more than 20 RTD and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity technologies, has announced its first set of calls for proposals for funding of PV and CSP. The overall public funding budget for both PV and CSP is €12 million. Published on 6 March […]

March 20th

First Solar Becomes Desertec Investor

First Solar is a clear solar power leader. It was the only thin-film solar module company in the top 10 in solar module capacity sales 2012, and it has a notably integrated company that also engages in solar power plant development and other matters. The company reports that it is the “leading global provider of […]

March 13th