Solar Incentives

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Solar Faces Off Against Nuclear Power’s Latest White Elephant

Opponents of the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Somerset, England, got something to cheer about last summer, when questions over funding brought a halt to preliminary work at the site. The delay gave solar energy advocates an opportunity to assemble more evidence that Hinkley C would result in a colossal shock for […]

December 28th

SDG&E Utility Warns It Will Hit Net Metering Caps By Mid-2016

Last week San Diego Gas & Electric warned distributed energy enthusiasts it expects to reach caps on net metering in the summer of 2016. According to pv-magazine, SDG&E’s numbers show that existing installations and pending applications take up 74% of available capacity in the program. This opens the door to what “net metering 2.0” might look […]

November 4th

New York Net Metering Cap Suspended For Now

Adding to the distributed energy/net metering debate involving utilities and solar panel owners, New York State for now has lifted the cap on net metering. pv-magazine reported last week that New York regulators have suspended the existing cap on the state’s net metering program. This suspension will remain in effect until a new valuation is concluded […]

October 31st

City Of Bakersfield Urges Congress To Extend Solar Tax Credit

The city of Bakersfield, CA has passed a resolution urging Congress to extend the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy. Apparently, Bakersfield is the first and only city in America to officially pass such a resolution supporting the solar tax credit. “The federal solar investment tax credit is critical for supporting local jobs and reducing […]

October 15th

Ohio To Add Solar Energy Storage

It appears energy storage for a solar facility in Ohio is now being regarded as a fundamental operational consideration by participants. According to pv magazine, construction will begin in October on this Ohio 7 MW solar electricity storage facility. Completion of this project is expected some time next February. The facility, located in Minster, will be […]

October 13th

12 Solar Facts You Should Know

Lists are always fun, so here are 12 solar facts to put in your notebook so you can share the important stuff with anyone who’s interested. I have divided this list of facts into four categories that might help you to better keep track of things. Understanding Our Sun Solar History Solar Technology Solar Metrics […]

October 8th

232 MW Solar Project In Honduras To Receive Bonus Payment

Eight Honduran solar power projects were completed before an important August 1 deadline, meaning they will be rewarded with an extra 3 cents per kWh bonus for their punctuality. The projects will receive $0.18/kWh from the Honduran feed-in tariff, instead of $0.15/kWh. The $0.18/kWh could last the duration of the feed-in tariff contract, which is 15 years. Feed-in tariffs have […]

October 5th

North Carolina Passes 1 GW Of Installed Solar

North Carolina has surpassed 1 GW of installed solar capacity, the fourth US state to do so, according to the North Carolina  Sustainable Energy Association. The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA), a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting North Carolina’s renewable energy industry, announced the milestone in a press release (PDF) last week, having reached 1.04 […]

September 29th

Sunrun Urges San Francisco Giants To Part Ways With PG&E

Sunrun, the foremost US residential solar company, has called on the San Francisco Giants baseball team to cut sponsorship ties with local utility PG&E. “Dear San Francisco Giants,” Sunrun wrote in its letter. “If you are serious about your commitments to sustainability and respect for the law, you must cut ties with PG&E.” PG&E’s dishonest media campaigns claim […]

September 22nd