Solar Incentives

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Spain Solar Workers Protests Outside Prison

Eurosolar and the local energy cooperative Som Energia organized a protest this week at a Modelo prison in Barcelona regarding Spanish solar policies. Reportedly, as part of the protest, the solar workers and advocates contended that they would “hand themselves in,” as they would declare themselves “guilty” of “using photovoltaics for saving electricity generation made […]

August 3rd

Net Metering Primer From SEPA

Speaking of net metering, the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) recently released a report on “net energy metering” that is aimed at helping to provide a common understanding of net metering and underlying regulatory frameworks… in an introductory kind of way. It also shows some of the ways in which net metering policies can be […]

August 3rd

Residential PV Storage To Hit 2.5 GW By 2017

Market research firm IHS has projected in a new report that installed residential PV storage system capacity could likely hit 2.5 GW by 2017. Naturally, Germany is leading the way in this arena, where a home energy storage subsidy went into place on May 1. In the leading solar PV country, it is increasingly competitive […]

August 3rd

Solar Panels Cost Less Than Electricity

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) is a leading institution documenting and researching the solar rooftop revolution in the US (and elsewhere to some degree). Based on its Rooftop Revolution report, below is a Solar Rooftop Revolution infographic from ILSR. It highlights the time when US rooftop solar power is projected to cost less (without subsidies or other […]

July 13th

Hawaii Solar Power Infographic

Hawaii is just about the only place in the US that relies on oil for electricity. And because it does, it’s electricity is tremendously more expensive than in most of the US (as you’ll see in the infographic below). Combine that with Hawaii’s wonderful sunshine and the increasingly low price of solar power, and you […]

April 24th