Solar Projects

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Kyocera + VGI Energy = Solar Power For Affordable Multi-Family Housing In Chicago

Kyocera Solar and VGI Energy have teamed up to put solar power on some affordable, multi-family housing units in Chicago. “VGI’s retrofitted buildings throughout Chicago have been outfitted with 20kW rooftop solar arrays, providing electricity from the clean, renewable energy of the sun and contributing to VGI’s goal of achieving zero-net-energy-capable buildings,” the companies noted […]

March 15th

50-MW Solar PV Power Plant Commissioned In India

I used to write about specific solar power plants nearly every week (or even several times a week). However, I’ve decided to leave such stories alone (there are so many of them) unless the power plant is really large (by solar standards) or very special in some other way. 50 MW is really large. Furthemore, […]

March 15th

Solar To Be #2 Source Of New Power In 2013

In an on-air Google Hangout today, Recurrent Energy CEO and Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) Chairman Arno Harris noted that more solar power capacity is projected to be installed in 2013 than from any electricity source other than natural gas. And, by 2016, solar energy may actually be the #1 source of new power for at […]

March 14th

266 MW Mount Signal Solar Farm Phase 1 To Be Finished In Early 2014

AES Solar has reported that it anticipates finishing phase 1 of the 266 MW Mount Signal Solar Farm in Antelope Valley, California by early 2014. At 266 MW, the solar PV farm will be one of the largest in the world. The pre-construction work, which began in November 2012, has now been completed by 8minutenergy. AES Solar […]

March 6th

Germany’s January Solar Installations Totalled 275 MW

The German Federal Network Agency (aka Bundesnetzagentur) has released official solar power installation data for January 2013. The total for the month came to 274.673 MWp. That’s about half of what was installed in January 2013 (but still a good amount compared to what most countries are installing). As reported previously here on Solar Love, the cost of […]

March 5th

$5.6 Million In Electricity Savings At California Schools In 2012 Thanks To Solar Power

World-leading solar panel manufacturer SunPower has installed solar power systems at 92 California public schools (K-12). In 2012, the total savings from these solar power systems came to $5.6 million, SunPower announced this week at the California’s Coalition for Adequate School Housing  (C.A.S.H.) annual conference in Sacramento. “Over the next 25 years, SunPower solar power systems are […]

March 1st

Improving Solar Power Forecasts

“Applying its atmospheric expertise to solar energy, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is spearheading a three-year, nationwide project to create unprecedented, 36-hour forecasts of incoming energy from the Sun for solar energy power plants,” NCAR writes. “The research team is designing a prototype system to forecast sunlight and resulting power every 15 minutes […]

February 25th