Solar Projects

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Saudi Arabia: $109 Billion For Solar, Wants 33% Solar By 2032

Saudi Arabia is planning to invest $109 billion into solar energy, looking to develop a solar industry that can provide 1/3 of its electricity by 2032. Doing so will free up larger quantities of its reserves for international sales rather than for use domestically. With the price of oil expected to rise significantly in the […]

November 25th

1st Crowdfunding Site For Clean Energy?

  The English translation (from German) of the homepage of says that it is “the first crowdfunding platform for sustainable energy, in which each with a small amount of renewable energy projects can participate online.” I’ll take that to mean that anyone with any size clean energy project can submit a proposal and try to get […]

November 23rd

New Solar Power Plant Completed In Modesto

  The Modesto Irrigation District in California is now home to the 25-megawatt McHenry Solar Plant designed and constructed by SunPower and currently providing power for approximately 6,000 homes. The project created nearly 150 construction jobs and is owned by K Road Power Holdings. SunPower is providing operations and maintenance services for the site, and […]

November 5th

Largest Transparent Solar PV Roof In U.S.

In many cases, transparent solar or building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) don’t serve enough of a purpose to warrant their extra cost. But, sometimes, they are the obvious choice for the project. Here’s one such example, the largest transparent solar PV roof in the US: Largest Transparent Photovoltaic Roof in the US (via Clean Technica)   […]

October 19th

Over 100 MW Of Utility-Scale Solar For Indonesia

100 MW of utility-scale solar power plants are reportedly headed to Indonesia courtesy First Solar, a leading solar product company based out of the US, and PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali Services (PJB Services), an Indonesia company. An MOU was signed this week by the two companies. “Indonesia has an increasingly urgent need for reliable, cost-effective energy […]

October 18th

Solar Power Projects In Colorado To Save School District Big Money

  Solar power is good for pocketbooks. And with costs dropping so much in recent years, people, businesses, organizations, and even schools can save some big money by going solar. Here’s a nice story on a Colorado school district that has gone solar and is going to reap the rewards not only in their conscience […]

October 4th

Top 10 Solar Countries

We hear a lot about how Germany and Spain have increased solar energy greatly in recent years with supportive government policies. We also hear a lot about China’s big clean energy push. And, despite trouble getting the US federal government to do much for solar energy, we know that the US is still continuously moving […]

April 30th