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New High-Voltage Solar Cell Makes Solar-Powered Electronics More Feasible

A new, relatively high-voltage solar cell that can charge the li-ion batteries of portable electronics such as e-book readers and cellphones in partial shade has been created by the University of Warwick and Molecular Solar. This type of solar cell is called an organic solar cell, plastic solar cell, or organic photovoltaic cell (OPV). Professor Tim […]

October 12th

Nano-Flowers Could Help Create Next-Gen Energy Storage & Solar Cells

Nano-flowers, newly created structures composed of germanium sulfide (GeS), have the potential to open the door to next-generation solar cells and energy storage devices. These ‘flowers’, created by researchers from North Carolina State University out of a semiconducting material, feature an enormous surface area, thanks to being covered in many extremely thin petals. “Creating these […]

October 12th

Black Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Doubled

While conventional solar cells can absorb a good portion of the Sun’s light, they completely miss the boat on getting anything from the infrared spectrum. But black silicon solar cells are actually designed exactly for this. A group of researchers from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft institute in Germany have recently succeeded in doubling solar cell efficiency of black silicon solar […]

October 10th

Solar Cell from a Single Molecule

  If you’re into science, and especially if you’re into the science behind solar, check out this fun post on an exciting new development in solar energy research:

October 4th