Solar Perceptions & Polls

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Solar Carports Market Likely To Expand

Talking about solar carports might elicit skepticism from some and yawns from others, but they make sense for a number of reasons. To start with, parking in shade can reduce evaporative emissions, meaning that a hot gas tank may result in more evaporation of fuel. The amount that evaporates is not that much, but over a long period […]

August 29th

Arizona Solar Property Tax Battle — SolarCity & SunRun Sue

Residential leasing companies SolarCity and SunRun filed a lawsuit on June 30th against the Arizona Department of Revenue. The legal dispute is filed in opposition to property taxes levied onto leased PV systems in Arizona. Affirmations came independently from each company that the complaint was filed and delivered a replica of the official documents. This taxes […]

July 31st

Who Likes Solar Power? Everyone. (Infographic)

Getting sick of solar infographics yet? Nope? Good! Here’s one more: Here’s some useful commentary from the Cost of Solar article where this was recently shared: So, yes, we love solar power. But that leaves most of us with an important question: if we haven’t yet gone solar, why haven’t we? One very likely answer […]

July 17th

Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Here’s another fun infographic Cost of Solar recently shared. This one’s on 5 big solar myths, and quick debunkings of them. For more commentary, check out the full Cost of Solar article: Disadvantages Of Solar Energy Debunked.

July 16th

Solar & Wind Energy Overview

Here are parts 1 and 2 of a presentation I gave to a class of renewable energy graduate students yesterday (reposted from CleanTechnica): Renewable Energy Big Pic: Part 1 (Including 34 Charts & Graphs) As I mentioned in my article covering the latest US Solar Market Insight report (which I just published a few hours ago), I was “out […]

May 9th

Do Your Friends Know Any Solar Companies?

I’m not an advertiser, but I have worked in related fields for a long time. And I got a bachelor’s degree in sociology because of my interest in how people interact with… everything. That academic background is still a core component of how I think about things, including how I think about the successes and […]

May 4th