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Solar Trees For Solar-Powered EVs

One of the many wonderful things about the cleantech revolution is that even very mundane, uninteresting things become cool. “Grey infrastructure” becomes “green infrastructure,” and all of a sudden there’s a great deal of life to it. One example is in the field of automobile parking. Parking lots and parking garages aren’t typically places to […]

December 2nd

Hey, Hippie — Get A Job! (In The Solar Energy Industry)

There’s no debate about it — 110% of hippies love solar power. (Okay, that may be is definitely incorrect.) However, it’s certainly true that most hippies love solar power… as ~90% of all people support the idea of solar power. If you’re human and have a brain (i.e., you are human and alive), there’s a pretty dern […]

October 26th

The Benefits Of Solar Heating

Many people are out to not only save money but save the planet as well. One of the ways that a person can accomplish both saving money and helping to save the Earth is through solar heating. In this article, you will learn what solar heating is and how it will help you to save […]

October 15th

Monthly Rooftop Solar Fee Rejected In Utah

The Utah Public Service Commission said no to a monthly fee for rooftop solar on homes and other structures in Utah. The proposed fee was an idea put forth by Rocky Mountain Power. “This victory belongs to the tens thousands of rooftop solar owners, community councils, faith communities, businesses, and Utah citizens who stood up for the […]

September 8th

The Sun Is Shining On The UK Solar Energy Sector

The UK DECC’s (Department of Energy and Climate Change) Consultation on Changes to Financial Support for Solar PV makes interesting reading, especially for those who are considering investing in the solar industry in the UK. Part B of the Consultation is aimed at “promoting the deployment of midscale building-mounted solar PV”. With energy prices in the UK increasing […]

May 20th

Fixed vs. Variable: Understanding Electricity Rates

This post was sponsored by albertaenergyproviders.com. I thought it would be a useful article for some readers — I hope it is! And it helps us to do what we do here on Solar Love — bring you top-quality solar news, analysis, and commentary. In most markets, consumers have a choice of either fixed rate or […]

July 14th