Nano-Flowers Could Help Create Next-Gen Energy Storage & Solar Cells

Published on October 12th, 2012 | by

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Nano-flowers, newly created structures composed of germanium sulfide (GeS), have the potential to open the door to next-generation solar cells and energy storage devices. These ‘flowers’, created by researchers from North Carolina State University out of a semiconducting material, feature an enormous surface area, thanks to being covered in many extremely thin petals. “Creating these […]

Black Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Doubled

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While conventional solar cells can absorb a good portion of the Sun’s light, they completely miss the boat on getting anything from the infrared spectrum. But black silicon solar cells are actually designed exactly for this. A group of researchers from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft institute in Germany have recently succeeded in doubling solar cell efficiency of black silicon solar […]

Solar (& Wind) Making Electricity Cheaper in Australia

Published on October 4th, 2012 | by

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  Solar power has $0 in fuel costs. Yes, you knew that, of course. But did you know that, because of that, solar power drives down the cost of electricity? (Wind does, too — for the same reason). However, it’s wholesale electricity prices that it forces down, and those aren’t always passed on to consumers. […]

Americans Love Solar (Republicans & Democrats, Alike)

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  Everyone loves solar. Well, ok, not everyone, but the HUGE majority of people. It’s been like this probably as long as the idea of solar power has been around. Thomas Edison was clearly a huge fan: Now, a new study conducted by Hart Research on behalf of the Solar Energy Industries Association, shows that Americans of […]

Avatar 2 To Be Powered By Solar (Lightstorm Entertainment Will Be, That Is)

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  If you hadn’t noticed from the obvious green theme in Avatar, and if you don’t keep up with director James Cameron news, you probably don’t know that prolific director James Cameron (of Avatar, Titanic, and plenty of other films) is a full-blooded environmentalist now. But I’m telling you, so now you know. 😀 And […]

Top 10 Solar Countries

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We hear a lot about how Germany and Spain have increased solar energy greatly in recent years with supportive government policies. We also hear a lot about China’s big clean energy push. And, despite trouble getting the US federal government to do much for solar energy, we know that the US is still continuously moving […]