California Solar Installers

Published on August 22nd, 2017 | by

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Although California dominates the US solar market, with 35% market share, there are still many residents of the Golden State thinking about going solar and seeking top solar installers for a new rooftop solar system. The following article features information on the state of solar installations in California, tips to keep in mind prior to […]

LED Lighting Retrofits In Hawaiian Homes: Faster Paybacks Than Solar Power

Published on May 31st, 2017 | by

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Visitors know the Hawaiian islands for many things: ample sunshine, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. Residents know these things as well, but also are all too aware of high electricity prices, and an aging electrical grid dependent on foreign oil. LED lighting retrofits are an easy and affordable solution to Hawaii’s energy costs.

Nissan & Eaton Bring Residential Storage Batteries To UK Customers

Published on May 8th, 2017 | by

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Nissan has partnered with Eaton, a US corporation, to bring residential storage battery systems to customers in the UK. We’ve reported on this partnership a few times over the years, but the product — xStorage — is now close to hitting homes. There’s also a business-scale product available. There are already 850,000 rooftop solar systems […]

Solar & The Grid

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By Casey Moothart Many people (including myself) have probably wondered something like the following: with solar panels becoming so cheap, why can’t we all put panels on our roofs and go 100% renewable? The obvious answer is that nobody would have any electricity at nighttime. But the issues involving the integration of photovoltaic solar into […]

High School Girls Create Solar Powered Tent For The Homeless

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A team of female high school engineering students at San Fernando High School have collaborated on the design of a solar powered tent to provide shelter for the homeless. The girls utilized insulated fabric and solar panels for their tent design, which also includes a safety locking system and a UV system to help sanitize it. […]