Florida is “The Sunshine State” but it is anything but a solar power leader. It’s #20 in the solar power per capita state rankings. For new solar power added in 2012, it’s #22 per capita. Nonetheless, due to the solar resources in the state and solar power’s relatively low price, a 2011 study (when solar panels actually cost quite a bit more) found that the average person who went solar in Florida (in 2011) was projected to save over $33,000 over 20 years. Impressive.

So, on the one hand, I’m a bit disappointed to see that solar panels on the homes of elderly in the Del Webb Orlando and Del Webb Stone Creek communities are projected to save each resident only about $300 on average on their electric bills each year. However, I’m assuming/hoping that’s partially due to low electricity bills, and $300 in savings is still a savings.

“Del Webb will include the 2 kW solar system as a temporary incentive with an option for the homebuyer to upgrade up to an 8 kW system depending on the design and style of the home. The savings for each homebuyer will vary based on their level of personal electricity use and the size of their individual solar system,” SolarCity writes. “New homebuyers can choose from 13 different home designs at the Del Webb Orlando community and from 17 at the Del Webb Stone Creek community in Ocala.”

“Boomers are more environmentally conscious than previous generations. As more boomers start to retire, they are choosing Del Webb homes which are packed with energy efficiency features and now a solar system that will save them hundreds of dollars on their utility bills for years,” said Sean Strickler, vice president of Sales, North Florida Del Webb.