Vermont’s first “ePark” will be created with a combination of solar power and Tesla Powerwall batteries. Pika Energy has been chosen by Green Mountain Power to plan and design Emerald Lake State Park so it will be powered by sunlight, with the Tesla batteries providing backup electricity.

“We’re excited to provide a smart, clean power solution to the Emerald Lake State Park. GMP’s ePark program is a  perfect example of the many benefits of renewable energy systems over energy derived from fossil fuel sources,” said Ben Polito, President and Co-Founder of Pika Energy.

In case you’re wondering where Emerald State Park is located, it is in southwestern Vermont not far from the border with New York. The park covers 908 acres and has a 28-acre lake.

The solar and battery system will solve a problem at the park: falling trees damage power lines, which are difficult to replace or repair. Installing the new system will save about 20% by reducing or avoiding such costs. Additionally, another $8,000 on maintenance costs could be prevented each year.

Green Mountain Power ordered about 500 Tesla Powerwalls to be installed in various parts of Vermont. There are two versions of the Powerwall: one is 7 kWh and the other is 10 kWh. The smaller one is for daily application and the larger for backup electricity.

Another advantage of creating an “e-park” is that it will serve sort of as a demonstration project in that many visitors will learn about the technology when they visit. Since families tend to gather at parks for summer outings, camping and reunions, children will learn too and they are the next generation of stewards.

School field tips might also be held at the park, so more children may become aware through these events. Vermont is already known for its environmental awareness and having many residents who respect and care for the natural world.