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  • US Residential Solar Financing Receives Boost From Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley’s recent $250 million investment has bumped US home solar investments towards nearly $800 million in 2015 already. MS Solar Investments, Morgan Stanley’s solar subsidiary, will aid Brite Energy (a subsidiary of Protection 1) and Main Street Power with their work. Morgan Stanley’s funding will allow for further expansion of Brite Energy into more states. Brite […]

  • Sunrun + Investec Announce Close Of $195 Million In Financing For Residential Solar Projects

    New financing totaling $195 million was recently closed by Sunrun + Investec — financing that will be used to support the continued growth of Sunrun’s residential solar business, as per recent reports. Something worth noting — the new senior credit facilities represent Sunrun’s first syndicated financing. Also, this non-recourse financing will be issued to Sunrun […]

  • Sunrun Announces Certified Partnership Program To Grow Network

    Sunrun has announced a new certified program to advance its network and business model. With the certificate partnership program, partners will receive help with training, technology, and products necessary to advance their businesses. Sunrun is different compared to other installers, including SolarCity and Vivint. It uses a network of partner installers and manufacturers to grow its own business, while […]

  • Why People Go Solar (Not For Dolphin Babies)

    Why People Go Solar (Not For Dolphin Babies)

    This isn’t a new commercial, but I ran across it recently and had to share again. It’s so funny and so well done. And it does nail the #1 reason why people go solar. Check it out:

  • Tax Threat To Solar Homeowners With Feed-in Tariffs or Value Of Solar Tariffs

    Quite a big deal for US solar policy, solar companies, and even many current solar PV system owners, a solar advocacy organization that is defending net metering in Arizona has discovered that feed-in tariffs and value of solar tariffs come with some unwanted tax consequences for solar PV system owners (the beneficiaries of said tariffs). […]

  • Why Sunrun Is For Net Metering, Not Feed-in Tariffs Or Value Of Solar Tariffs

    [Important Update] Also see: Tax Threat To Solar Homeowners With Feed-in Tariffs or Value Of Solar Tariffs It’s well known that feed-in tariffs have supported most solar power growth across the world. It’s also well known that very few places in the US offer a solar feed-in tariff (FiT). I was recently contacted by someone who […]

  • Top Solar Power Companies…

    Top Solar Power Companies…

    Want to know which are the top solar power companies in the US, or in the world? For a thorough look at solar power companies leading various solar power markets and holding various solar power records, check out our Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts page. However, for a look simply at the top solar module manufacturers […]

  • Do Your Friends Know Any Solar Companies?

    Do Your Friends Know Any Solar Companies?

    I’m not an advertiser, but I have worked in related fields for a long time. And I got a bachelor’s degree in sociology because of my interest in how people interact with… everything. That academic background is still a core component of how I think about things, including how I think about the successes and […]