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Best Arizona Solar Installers

It’s hard to keep solar down in the sun-loving state of Arizona — folks are happy with their bright spot in the sun and more homeowners than ever are harvesting that golden energy hitting their roofs. Surmounting some of the worse political challenges to residential solar, Arizona still stands tall among the top US states […]

September 11th

SolarCity Lawsuit Against Arizona Utility Can Proceed

The Arizona utility Salt River Project wanted to charge a fee to customers who installed solar power on their rooftops since Dec. 9, a charge that could cost them $50 a month or more. This type of fee could discourage Arizona residents from getting their own solar power systems. It could also be described as […]

November 11th

Arizona Public Service Attacks Solar Power Again

One of the most-watched battles between solar power proponents and of conventional utilities played out in Arizona, where Arizona Public Service (APS) attempted to add a $50 monthly fee to customers with solar panels. Solar advocates won out, reducing the fee to just $5 a month and getting APS to promise to hold off on […]

March 18th

Peer-to-Peer Financing For Residential Solar Rolled Out In Arizona

American Solar and Roofing recently launched a partnership with Mosaic, the “peer-to-peer solar financing platform for solar power.” American Solar is based in Scottsdale, so Arizona residents can get help when they decide to go solar. “We love the peer-to-peer lending model for solar. Providing an easier way for people to save energy is a […]

December 17th

Solar Man’s Solar Wonderland Crowdfunding Campaign Aims For $5,000,000

“Solar Man” is aiming to build education as the cornerstone of his new recreational venture, Solar Wonderland. Solar Wonderland is a “gigafactory” and much more. This gigafactory is for building lightweight carbon fiber solar panels as the Lotus product line expands. Students, children, and others will enjoy a hands-on educational experience in this Energy Amusement Park. […]

October 14th

Monthly Rooftop Solar Fee Rejected In Utah

The Utah Public Service Commission said no to a monthly fee for rooftop solar on homes and other structures in Utah. The proposed fee was an idea put forth by Rocky Mountain Power. “This victory belongs to the tens thousands of rooftop solar owners, community councils, faith communities, businesses, and Utah citizens who stood up for the […]

September 8th