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  • IRENA 5-Year 100% Clean Power Plan for Djibouti

    Originally published on EdenKeeper.org A new IRENA report provides a 5-year plan for using Djibouti’s abundant renewable energy sources to solve the nation’s serious concerns regarding rising energy demand, limited energy security, and rampant unemployment. Astonishingly, IRENA claims that by 2020, 100% of Djibouti’s energy demand can be met through renewables. The economic renaissance that […]

  • Solar-Powered Tablets Bring Literacy To Children In Ethiopia

    Being a person who likes to tune out from electronics and tune into soil, painting, fresh air, long walks, or literature (through reading a quiet book), I recently found myself trying to keep up again with the younger generations of my children and grandchildren because, indeed, our understanding of literacy is shifting without me quite knowing how. Perhaps […]