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  • Greece Cuts Feed-in Tariffs 30% Retroactively

    This is what you call bad solar policy, bad investment and business policy, and overall bad policy. Greece has retroactively cut solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) by 30% on average. Of course, it comes as part of broader economic problems in Greece. Feed-in tariffs aren’t the only thing being cut either. “The new measures ask solar […]

  • Greece Adds 300 MW Of Solar PV In January (More Than Germany), Bill Looks To Cut Solar Red Tape

    The latest figures from Greece indicate that the country installed 300 MW of solar PV in January (more than Germany’s 275 MW). The stats come from┬áLAGIE, which is the operator of the Greece electricity grid. Here are some more stats from LAGIE: This 300 MW January total is over 1/3 the new capacity Greece installed […]