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BlueWave Announces $100 Million In Funding For Community Solar

Solar development company BlueWave announced it has secured $100 million from Morgan Stanley to develop more than 25 MW of community solar in Massachusetts. MS Solar Solutions Corp., a Morgan Stanley subsidiary, will co-invest and own the community solar portfolio with BlueWave. “A core element of BlueWave’s mission is to provide all energy consumers the opportunity to go […]

January 8th

SolarCity Set To Hire 500 New Employees In One Day

SolarCity, America’s number one solar provider, is set to hire 500 new employees on October 21, during an all-day hiring event. SolarCity has been growing its footprint across the US for several years now, rolling out a bevy of new programs and offerings for consumers across the country. In late September, the residential solar provider […]

October 20th

Obama’s New Solar Program For Low- & Moderate-Income People (In Depth)

Solar power costs have come down so much in recent years that going solar is a no-brainer money-maker for millions of people. That increasingly includes low- and moderate-income people as well as rich people. Affordable solar power seems as abundant and as popular as ice cream these days. However, there’s no denying it: rich people have […]

July 10th

Net Metering Caps Put 1,000s of Solar Jobs at Risk

Calling on the Legislature to act quickly to raise net metering caps, the Mass Solar Coalition stated recently that thousands of solar-related jobs are in jeopardy due to the caps for public and private projects. This finding was published in a final report sent recently to the Massachusetts State Legislature by the Net Metering and […]

Solar Power In One Hour?

When you think about solar power systems installed on home rooftops, it might seem like a process that would take days, if not weeks. Well, it often is. However, a home solar system in Massachusetts was recently installed in about one hour. (It was also done on a cold day, which might make installation slower.) […]

November 28th