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Multicrystalline Solar Cell Efficiency Record Set By JA Solar

JA Solar has reported that it has achieved a record 18.3% efficiency for a standard 156×156 mm2¬†multicrystalline solar cell. This was verified by Yangzhou Opto-Electrical Products Testing Institute.¬†This is twice as efficient as my solar panel. Solar cell and solar panel efficiency isn’t as big an issue as some have made it out to be. […]

August 6th

Which Solar Panels Are Most Efficient?

Updated several times, last time being March 21, 2015, in order to update the efficiency records. Reposted from Cost of Solar: One of the most common things people ask when they start to consider going solar or start to plan their life-changing solar expedition is which are the most efficient solar panels. However, first of […]

July 18th