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Solyndra Misled DOE In Application For $535 Million Dollar Loan

The Department of Energy (DOE) published a special report in late August of 2015 about a 4-year investigation into Solyndra’s application process that led to the thin-film solar company’s securing of a huge DOE loan. The report is here, if you prefer to go directly to it. The inquiry found that Solyndra did not apply to the […]

October 5th

Obama’s New Solar Program For Low- & Moderate-Income People (In Depth)

Solar power costs have come down so much in recent years that going solar is a no-brainer money-maker for millions of people. That increasingly includes low- and moderate-income people as well as rich people. Affordable solar power seems as abundant and as popular as ice cream these days. However, there’s no denying it: rich people have […]

July 10th