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  • US Could Generate 100 Times Its Electricity From Solar Power

    America could generate all of its electricity (actually, 100 times more than that) using solar power, according to a new report from Environment America Research and Policy Center. Does that surprise you? The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth each day is massive, so it isn’t that surprising. Solar power has been bashed so […]

  • 15,000 Jobs Created By Solar Power In California

    According to a new report published by a center at UC-Berkeley 15,000 new jobs have been created in California by the solar industry in the last five years. That’s three thousand new jobs a year for five years. What other industries are doing that? Those jobs were also created during the toughest economic period in […]

  • 3D Printable Solar Panels Might Be Coming Soon

    Solar panels have become more affordable recently, so there is more interest in them on the part of both consumers and business owners. It also appears that they will continue to decrease in price. Imagine though if you could print your own solar panels on a 3D printer at home. If this process was possible, […]