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Should You Have Invested in Solar Companies?

Solar power has surged around the world in the past decade as the cost of solar cells and solar panels has fallen. The US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative aims to see the cost of installed solar drop to $1.00 per kWh by 2020. That’s a 75% reduction from prices in 2010. Climate scientists warn […]

March 27th

Competition & Freedom At Stake — Episode 37 Of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Originally published at by John Farrell Incentives designed to make rooftop solar feasible for a wider range of consumers are under attack nationwide, threatening new solar development as well as the consumers that already have rooftop panels. The staunchest opponents? Utilities which say, despite a growing body of research to the contrary, that rooftop […]

February 12th

Arizona Public Service Attacks Solar Power Again

One of the most-watched battles between solar power proponents and of conventional utilities played out in Arizona, where Arizona Public Service (APS) attempted to add a $50 monthly fee to customers with solar panels. Solar advocates won out, reducing the fee to just $5 a month and getting APS to promise to hold off on […]

March 18th

South Dakota & Wyoming Utility Try To Slap Charge On Solar, Customer Backlash Shuts It Down

Black Hills Power was considering a special demand rate for all renewable energy customers instead of a reward for installing solar panels that help with grid security, grid reliability, energy independence, the environment, and public health. The idea for the charges didn’t make customers happy, however. As such, the solar charge was withdrawn by the South Dakota-based utility. […]

September 29th