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Solar Panels Quality Assurance Rating System in Progress

With utility-scale solar projects multiplying across the US, the quality assurance of solar panels has become a major subject of owners’ and investors’ focus. The success of multi-million dollar systems hangs in the balance and stakeholders have vested interests in the reliability of the products being installed. Co-leading an international program, the Department of Energy’s […]

April 29th

Solar Finance Now Offered by Mitsubishi Electric US

Offering an alternative to solar leasing programs, the Photovoltaic Division of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. has introduced a new consumer finance program. The new finance program for solar pv system ownership is being offered to qualified homeowners through Mitsubishi’s authorized solar contractors. Gina Heng, vice president and general manager of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s Photovoltaic […]

March 30th

Understanding The Technology Behind Solar PV Systems

A simple solar photovoltaic (PV) system consists of the following basic components: A solar cell: A solar cell is a solid-state electrical device (p-n junction) that converts the energy of light directly into electricity (DC) using the photovoltaic effect. A solar cell is categorized as a multi-junction cell, single-junction cell, crystalline cell, thin-film technology, or some of type […]

February 12th