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Solar Panel Prices Falling Fast Around The World (Number Fun)

We’re in the midst of a massive cleantech revolution. Solar power is beginning to disrupt the hell out of the power industry. Electric vehicles are on the verge of putting gasmobiles to sleep. Wind power is already one of the cheapest options for new electricity generation in the world — if not the cheapest. The movement is exciting to watch. And, […]

August 11th

How Much Does Solar Power Cost? How Much Does Solar Power Save? (Infographic)

Reposted from Cost of Solar: As I noted on Monday, the cost of solar power is insanely lower than you probably think. But, in that post, I focused on the average cost of solar panels, not specific all-in costs of going solar in your specific location. So, you might be wondering, how much does solar […]

July 16th

Graph Porn: Germany’s Solar PV Price Drop

  Someone recently passed along these great graphs from a German website (you can see an English translation of the webpage they came from here). The overall message: solar PV prices in Germany have dropped considerably in the past few years (as installation has boomed), and the prices are pretty darn low these days. More specifically, […]

November 28th