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California Solar Incentives, Solar Installers, & Solar Costs

Originally published on Cost of Solar. California is ground zero for solar energy in the United States. So, it seems logical to start our state-level solar energy deep dives here. In the article below, I’ll provide as thorough a look at California solar incentives + solar installers + solar costs as I’ve seen anywhere. Actually, it […]

June 7th

How Much Does Solar Power Cost? How Much Does Solar Power Save? (Infographic)

Reposted from Cost of Solar: As I noted on Monday, the cost of solar power is insanely lower than you probably think. But, in that post, I focused on the average cost of solar panels, not specific all-in costs of going solar in your specific location. So, you might be wondering, how much does solar […]

July 16th

Solar Panels Cost Less Than Electricity

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) is a leading institution documenting and researching the solar rooftop revolution in the US (and elsewhere to some degree). Based on its Rooftop Revolution report, below is a Solar Rooftop Revolution infographic from ILSR. It highlights the time when US rooftop solar power is projected to cost less (without subsidies or other […]

July 13th