Yingli Solar Increases Solar Panel Efficiency Via A Simple Method

Yingli Green Energy Holding (otherwise known as ‘Yingli Solar‘) has improved solar panel efficiency using a simple, innovative method. It achieved this by reducing the amount of metal applied to the solar cells so that more of their surface area is exposed to sunlight.

This new solar concept is called N-type Metal-Wrap-Through technology (N-MWT), and Yingli Green Energy has commenced trial production of it using technology developed by Formula E (or Formula E s.r.l.) which also reduces power loss during module encapsulation. 

The equipment has been installed in one of Yingli’s module workshops.

‘The Formula E team worked tirelessly to put in place a pilot production line that enables the automated manufacturing of different module architectures, delivering unprecedented reliability, accuracy and precision in the manufacturing of MWT modules. Our collaboration with Yingli Solar is definitely strategic for our growth. We believe a new age for PV industry is now open and promises very appealing results for end users,’ commented Davide Spotti, the president of Formula E.

‘We believe that cost reduction and technology improvement are critical to achieving our mission, which is to provide affordable green energy for all,” said Cindy Hu, Vice President & Technical Director of Yingli Green Energy. “These innovations in MWT technology are the result of our team’s strong partnership with Formula E. We look forward to further optimizing our manufacturing processes through joint efforts with leading PV equipment manufacturers, including Formula E.’

Source: PR Newswire

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