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New Low Solar Price (Globally) Found In Nevada

Originally published on Kompulsa (some edits). NV Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway-owned utility company, has signed a PPA to purchase electricity from the 100 MW Playa Solar 2 power plant at a stunningly low price of $0.0387/kWh! CleanTechnica just reported on “the world’s cheapest solar” landing in Austin, Texas, with bids under 4 cents/kWh (and the assumed unsubsidized […]

July 10th

Trackside Solar Panels Could Save Network Rail £150m

Trackside solar panels have the potential to save Network Rail £150 million in energy costs, according to a WSP report. This is particularly beneficial to Network Rail because it could be implemented without using farmland. Installing solar panels on land which you already own is, of course, particularly beneficial because you can avoid the cost of purchasing […]

February 22nd

Yingli Solar Increases Solar Panel Efficiency Via A Simple Method

Yingli Green Energy Holding (otherwise known as ‘Yingli Solar‘) has improved solar panel efficiency using a simple, innovative method. It achieved this by reducing the amount of metal applied to the solar cells so that more of their surface area is exposed to sunlight. This new solar concept is called N-type Metal-Wrap-Through technology (N-MWT), and Yingli […]

June 3rd

Is It Time To Change The Way We Pursue Solar?

Current techniques such as tax rebates do appear to have stimulated the solar industry. However, the urgency of climate change, as well as widespread carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide pollution, require the quickest solution possible. There are various ways in which solar system development can be stimulated more quickly. One policy idea of mine is […]

March 29th