An innovative 125 MW solar PV project is planned for Arizona’s Arlington Valley, located in Maricopa County. The Arlington Valley Solar Energy II Project (AVSE II) will be developed by the LS Power Group, which is a power generation, transmission, and investment group working to bring forward energy solutions to power America.

The project will have five Array Blocks using crystalline silicon cell PV panels that will operate on a single axis with a sun tracking system. A SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system that will keep watch of various plant systems, including trackers, solar inverters, substations, the well water supply and treatment system, and the interface with the plant meteorological station. The monitoring information data will be sent to a remote site and to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).

Also, coming on board the project is ABB, providing its advanced products and expertise, Solar Power World has reported.

“We look forward to working with Fluor in developing this first-of-a-kind 125 MW solar PV project,” said Mark Taft, senior vice president and general manager, ABB Power Generation. “ABB brings a unique level of competence and expertise to this project, as our capabilities have been proven in some of the most demanding projects around the globe. We are excited to deliver our integrated SCADA solutions, including system engineering, integration of system components, telecommunications, and total project management and execution.”

ABB will be implementing its S+ operations to meet the requirements of a scalable yet flexible architectural design.

Some of the key features of ABB’s S+ operations and the SCADA package:

  • Will support 60,000 redundant tags with 1000 Historian Logs
  • One RTU
  • 67 network switches
  • GPS clock
  • Control room furniture
  • Two server/client PCs
  • One client PC
  • Eight communication servers
  • Two printers
  • UPS backup power supply
  • One engineering station

The project was scheduled to be executed by ABB’s North American Renewables team in January. The advanced SCADA solution will assist in operations and maintenance by maximizing plant availability, production efficiency, and overall low maintenance costs.