Borrego Solar Systems experienced 40% growth in megawatts of solar installed in 2014. In fact, the amount of solar the San Diego-based company installed in 2014 was 30% of the total it has built over 30+ years in operation.

This is one of the solar success stories you probably won’t hear about on the national or local news. For some reason, the mainstream media seems very biased toward reporting negative solar stories and very rarely reports the positive ones.

“The fact that we were able to achieve 40 percent year-over-year growth in 2014 is a testament to the strong team we’ve built and the quality customers we’ve partnered with in the government, education, technology, and waste management sectors,” explained Mike Hall, CEO at Borrego Solar.

Here are some of the solar power successes Borrego has been involved in:

  • 17 MW, with First Wind, Massachusetts
  • 2.7 MW, Vermont’s only landfill in operation
  • 2.4 MW, atop the Anaheim Convention Center
  • 8.3 MW with Southern California Edison
  • Nearly 15 MW in Massachusetts.

Borrego has 200 MW of solar projects under contract or in development, so the company’s solar power installation surge is poised to continue. Some these projects are:

  • New Hampshire’s largest solar project
  • 8.5 MW (DC) in school projects for New York, and Newport Mesa School District in Southern California
  • 3.3 MW project at San Diego International Airport.

In other words, next year at this time a news story about another Borrego Solar installation increase could be written.

It isn’t happening only for Borrego, there is a general increase in solar installations in America that has been happening without enough press coverage or credit to the companies and workers who are making it happen.

Borrego Solar took its name after Borrego Springs in southern California, where the company’s founder constructed a home solar system. Astrophysicist, James Rickard, PhD founded the company, which initially focused on off-grid solar systems. By 1999, Borrego started to switch that focus to grid-tied solar systems. In 2007, the company opened an office in Boston. In 2010 and 2011, over $100 million in solar projects was financed and developed.

If you notice some themes for this company they are adaptability, expansion and longevity.