Floridians for Solar Choice, a nonprofit solar power advocacy campaign, recently reported it had taken in $446,670 in new donations as of the end of September. The organization also had $211,701 cash on hand.

Their main work is to promote solar power in Florida and make public policy in the state more favorable to this form of clean energy. Judging by the fact that 171,000 verified petition signatures have been gathered and there are another 100,000 waiting to be verified, it appears they have been very successful. Historically, Florida has not exactly been receptive to solar power, and in fact, it has a law that does not allow residents or business owners to buy electricity from sources other than utilities.

Floridians for Solar Choice Chairman Tony Perfetti explains, “We strongly believe that voters have the right to vote on solar choice and that consumers have the right to choose solar in their homes and businesses. As a conservative, I hold competition, free markets and choice as core principles. Over a quarter of a million Floridians have already signed our petition in support of solar choice, and our campaign is in full swing to secure the necessary signatures to place this proposal on the 2016 ballot.”

It might be very challenging to argue that Floridians should not have the right to a greater range of electricity choices. The same is probably true for every state in the United States — why should there be such a lack of freedom to choose energy sources in a country that so values freedom?

The work Floridians for Solar Choice is doing is critically important, because without it, the rate of solar adoption might be even slower in a state with abundant quantities of sunshine — which is a free, clean, natural resource. If you would like to support solar in Florida, you can donate to the campaign.

Currently, most of Florida’s electricity is generated by burning natural gas and coal, but doing so obviously produces air pollution and contributes to climate change.