Concept by US has launched a complete solar power and energy storage solution that provides 17.28 kWh of energy storage along with a solar power system of 5, 10, or 15 kW. The product is called the Powerstation 247 and Concept by US says it is UL certified. The system uses hybrid inverters, a charge controller, solar MPP-trackers, wiring terminals and disconnect switches. It also can function off or on-grid. The battery system is lithium-iron and 96 V.

The plug-and-play system has been designed for the US market, and is for both residences and small businesses. Excess electricity is fed back to the grid if the system is grid-connected. At night or during power outages, the system automatically switches to the battery.

The storage capacity of 17.28 kWh is much larger than the Tesla Powerwall, and may be something of a reassurance to prospective customers who want to have more electricity at the ready for consumption.

So far, it does not appear that pricing information has been released.

If the typical home solar power system is 5 kW, it seems like a smart decision to make 10 and 15 kW systems available for people who have larger structures, or who don’t want to carefully manage their electricity consumption.

Combining the various components into one package is a smart thing to do from the standpoint of convenience, which is something consumers often want. Rather than researching how disparate devices can or can’t work together and their individual prices, finding one whole system will likely prove comforting, if not exciting to some people. Many people will probably be interested in hearing more about this solar and energy storage solution.

Concept by US was founded by Mr. Uwe Corbach in 2012. The company mailing addresses are:

PO BOX 1357
Marco Island, FL 34146

Research and Development Laboratory
1371 SW 8th Street Unit 8B
Pompano Beach, FL 33069