Battery storage for electrical grids just got a boost from a marketing alliance between Ideal Power and LG Chem. The two companies have decided to join forces to offer grid operators integrated products that will work seamlessly together to deliver the reliable grid storage that utilities need at competitive prices.

Ideal Power battery storage system

The cooperation between Ideal Power and LG Chem will combine their resources and industry expertise to provide conversion and energy storage products in paired and tested combinations to ensure seamless integration and optimal system performance for their customers. System integrators want simple, paired sets of hardware that have been sized and matched to optimize system performance.

Ideal Power has developed power converters that eliminate transformers. Instead, its converters rely on the company’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture™ (PPSA), in which all the energy runs through, and is temporarily stored in, a high-frequency AC link consisting of an inductor and capacitor. Since the input and output are never directly connected together, this novel current modulation technique provides circuit isolation without the size, weight, cost, and efficiency loss of a transformer, according to the company.

Ideal Power’s PPSA technology is revolutionizing the power industry. Says Sunghoon Jang, senior vice president for LG Chem, “Their technology is a perfect fit for our growing base of commercial and industrial customers who demand the highest quality and performance. Their technology is the most efficient in the industry, which made Ideal Power a natural choice for our system partner.”

For its part, LG Chem is one of the largest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries in the world. Dan Brdar, president and CEO of Ideal Power says, “This collaboration with LG Chem presents a new opportunity for our customers to buy components that are proven to work together seamlessly, and will allow Ideal Power to continue expanding our footprint in this market alongside a company with a strong reputation and global reach.”