The results of Brazil’s huge Leilão de Reserva solar auction held at the end of August have been trickling in slowly, and now the full list of winners has been revealed.

We had already seen that Enel Green Power was the biggest winner, walking away with three separate projects totalling 553 MW. Canadian Solar also did fairly well, with five separate projects totalling 185 MW.

However, the full list of recipients is now available, and looks like this:

  • Enel Green Power — 553 MW
  • Canadian Solar — 185 MW
  • Conergy — 60 MW
  • SunEdison — 16 MW
  • Solatio — unknown
  • Martifer Energy — unknown

Reports were also floated that Russian energy company Renova had also acquired some measure of success in the auction, but this appears to have been proven incorrect.

In total, the Brazilian government handed out capacity contracts totalling 834 MW at an average price of 301.79 Real per megawatt-hour, or around US$0.0842/kWh — which was around 13.5% below the maximum price set for the auction.

“Brazil’s auction was one of the most competitive in the world,” said Eduardo Abreu, Conergy’s General  Manager in Brazil. “Of bids totaling 11,200MWp, only 833 MWp were approved, making Conergy’s projects among the top 7.5%. The team’s technical expertise enabled efficient site selection and project design gave the company a competitive advantage during the auction.”